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Lost & Found: Tiny Treasures from Atlanta's Past

What do you get when you take four GSU undergrads, two archaeology professors, and a bunch of old, broken, forgotten toys?

You get creativity, imagination, and an exhibit of “toys” from 150 years of Atlanta’s history. Toys are universal. We all had toys;  they were treasured parts of our childhood.  They entertained us, they were faithful companions when we were alone and provided opportunities for play with old friends. We learned from them, we loved them, and we lost them. The toys in this exhibit come from the MARTA archaeological collection and date from the late 19th century to the 1970s. These objects were recovered by archaeologists during the construction of the MARTA rail lines in the late 1970s. They come from trash dumps and residential neighborhoods across Atlanta. We invite you to enjoy the toys in this exhibit and explore the what, who, how, when, and then of these tiny treasures. 

Welcome to Lost & Found


HIP-SI Spotlight

A collection of interesting artifacts the 2023 HIP-SI students (Emmett Cantkier, York Lewis, Kyle Wong) researched and documented.